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7:00 @ A Fan's Notes
Free Entry

787 Nicholson St, Carlton North

One person in Gwangju was initially cast. They then had 24 hours to find the next person to be part of the project. After three months there were 100 representatives for this South Korean city, gathered together on a big revolving stage. Social statistics experiment meets reality television. A humanistic approach to demographics where interaction between people is actually possible.

Sudden Loud Noises presents 100% Gwangju at A Fan's Notes in Carlton North on Friday, August 30. Since the original Berlin staging in 2008, Rimini Protokoll have taken their 100% City happening to more than 35 places globally. I first saw the Gwangju and Amsterdam editions, side by side, at the fantastic Nam June Paik Art Centre. The nuance and peculiarities of the two cities was mesmerising. A first hand account of what makes a locality special.

08 100% Gwangju
7:00PM Friday
30th August 2019

6:00 @ Undisclosed Collingwood Venue
$10 Entry

RSVP via email to get the address

It has been several months since The Overheads have performed live. Their sweet self titled debut came out last year on Spoilsport Records. Songs have been written and recorded and a second album is coming. The first single "Love Fixation" will be launched on July 21st at a venue in Collingwood that can't quite be named.

Also playing at the early evening Sunday show are Meaghan & Sam from House Deposit and Mio, the band of Lisa Miosku.

To find out the location of that venue, which is well served by public transport, please RSVP by replying to this email.

07 The Overheads
6:00PM Sunday
21st July 2019

7:30 @ Longplay
Free Entry

318 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North

After two years of enthusiastic inquiries it is now possible in Australia to watch Frederick Wiseman's sprawling documentary about the New York Public Library. And I'm super psyched to be screening Ex Libris for our upcoming film night at Long Play Bar. The camera follows staff and patrons through the halls across the system's 92 locations seeking to find out how a public library can best serve the city's residents in the contemporary era and what that process looks like on a daily basis. Those many peculiar moments witnessed from the desks at the St Kilda Library have primed me for this film!

06 Ex Libris
7:30PM Tuesday
11th June 2019

8PM @ Esplanade Hotel
Free Entry

11 The Esplanade, St Kilda

In collaboration with arts collective South of the City, we are entering a music venue for the first time! On the auspicious date of May the 4th navigate through the mayhem of the Espy in Saint Kilda to the basement. Performances on the night by Jungle Lamb, Oscar Morris and The Great Divides.

Jungle Lamb
The lovely melodies of Elouise Breia in solo mode, drawing upon ace album Two Hands. Jungle Lamb at it again, taking in the coastal surrounds.

Oscar Morris
There’s an old world magic to the musical stylings of Oscar Morris. A classic bedroom explorer who turns curious pop melodies into expansive songs with his band The Overheads.

The Great Divides
A super new group from the region in and around Castlemaine. Slacker kids riffing off the weekend.

05 Gig at the Espy
8PM Saturday
4th May 2019

7PM @ Longplay
Free Entry

318 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North

That's Tony Leung as Cop 663, leaning over the counter at the Midnight Express. Forlorn on Hong Kong Island in 1994. The snacks are beside the point.

Over in the Kowloon district the Chungking Mansions still stand to this day. Several floors of manic outsider business in near darkness. A woman in a wig glides through the corridors.

Discarded pineapple tins suggesting more about the temporal nature of love than one would ever realise. Faye Wong just wants to go California.

When I first watched Chungking Express in high school I wanted to enter this vivid universe. To really feel it and run through the streets with Takeshi Kaneshiro. April 10 is another attempt.

04 Chungking Express
7 PM Wednesday
10th April 2019

6pm @ Thornbury
Free Entry

7pm — Hannah Wu
8pm — Mara

Having seen Mara play roughly a year ago I feel slightly under-qualified to describe what she’ll bring to Sudden Loud Noises #3. As an innovative and technically sharp musician I wouldn’t be surprised if her performances have evolved into something entirely fresh to my ears! I vividly remember that new year's day show, however, and it was a real treat. Mara created beautiful tracks which seemed to morph and unfold as they progressed. In many ways they felt to me like pieces from a film score. The beautiful viola melodies were only matched in intensity by her vocals which weaved and repeated through the songs.

From the unique perspective of a bandmate; her musicianship and cleverness is a pleasure to play alongside. Mara’s contributions to The Overheads tracks shine through with impressive consistency. Her equally atmospheric and impactful parts are often what’s floating around listeners’ heads after shows and play an integral role in the sound of the band. It’s wonderful to see what perfectly complimentary addition she’ll come up with when we learn a new song.

Hannah Wu
A while ago, before Hannah had performed many times on her own, we had a short lived duo that played only once live. When rehearsing she sat at the midi keyboard plugged into an Abletone trial and consistently made these wonderful little tunes. Without fail I liked it all, even if it was just a one chord test for different sounds in the program. The dense melodies were so beyond my understanding of timing and key that I eventually gave up trying to play along and just lay on a bed listening, repeating, 'hey that sounds cool!'

Now Hannah occupies an intriguing space between the music, literary and art world, all three of which she approaches with an equal degree of passion and knowledge. The creative concoction is palpable just by talking to her. There has been a sound installation at Docklands Library and performances at several galleries, including Irene Rose, The Band Presents and Bus Projects. In 2019 Hannah will be writing for a new publication at Bus Projects called Island Island.

03 Thornbury Backyard
6pm Tuesday
15th January 2019

8pm @ Longplay
Free Entry

A few months after it had won the Palme d'Or award at the Cannes Film Festival I sat in my local cinema watching Hirokazu Kore-eda's latest film Shoplifters while munching on popcorn and a chocolate ice cream. The opening sequence was uncanny as the characters behaved in a peculiar nature that I hadn't seen on screen before. Somewhere between realism and the surreal. By the time my friend turned to me and whispered, "this film is pretty incredible," I had abandoned my snacks and sat there mesmerised by the beautiful subtlety of emotion that the central family displayed. Our Little Sister is a Kore-eda film from 2015 that also focuses on the importance of family. Composer Yoko Kanno has worked on scores for iconic anime series Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell. This wicked artistic combo is the first Sudden Loud Noises film screening at LongPlay.

02 Our Little Sister
8pm Thursday
27th December 2018

4pm @ Coburg
Free Entry

Hey there! On November 30 we will be having an afternoon party in Coburg beginning at 4pm. There will be two artists performing live that day. They are Christine Daly and Perlinki. Planning to keep the music going until a nice point just after sunset.

Born in the midst of a hazy sun soaked dual daydream, Perlinki are a brand spanking new power-duo. Making fun, fast and flippy pop tunes on their home-turf of Coburg West, Mackie and Steph are raring to go. And this is their sweet and spicy debut in the backyard.

Christine Daly
The last time I emailed Christine she was about to fly off to Salzburg, Austria to perform with a quartet in the International Mozart Competition! Since then she has graduated from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and more recently has been working with the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra. On November 30 Christine will be playing violin with vocals.

01 Afternoon Party
5pm Friday
30th November 2018

Sudden Loud Noises organises listening meet ups. Backyard performances and film screenings and playback parties. Sound as joy and intrigue. Hearing as your whatever you want.

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Website by amici.studio